“CONSISTENCY” in Social Media Marketing

Dec 13, 2022

“CONSISTENCY” in Social Media Marketing

Consistency in social media marketing not only means making your posts predictable but also aims at making the audience look forward to some sequential relevant content. On the other hand, do not join the rat race where brands are running behind in completing a certain number of posts in a given time frame. You’re giving the audience quantity with no quality will do more harm to your brand value than good.

Social Media Marketing is recommended to be consistency so that your audience remains gripped. Brands or organisations that are looking for recognition and expansion ensure that they post consistently for long-term gains.


Why Is Regular Posting on Social Media Critical?

1. Boosts Brand Awareness and Credibility:

As we mentioned above, brands that aim to boost brand awareness have to regularly reinforce their audience about their existence. This is because posting timely on various social media platforms makes your brand more visible and hence has higher recall during a purchase decision.

2. More Opportunities to Rank in Search Engine Results:

It’s a proven fact that search engine optimisation thrives on fresh content. An ideal reason to post consistently is to dominate the search engine results for your industry. Search engines will index these pages and is in continuous search for unique content and make them visible to people searching for you or similar.

3. Better Conversion Rates:

Every single one of the posts you make on social media can attract the attention of potential customers to get them closer to buying from you in the buying cycle. By posting regularly and increasing your visibility, your chances improve of converting an enquiry to a purchase.

4. Encourages Brand Loyalty:

The more you show or communicate your brand values and brand personality the more likely you are to make loyal customers who do repeat purchases from you. You can display how your business gives back to the community or even how you differently celebrate employees’ milestones at the workplace. These unique ways of displaying your company culture are one of the main reasons why people follow business accounts on social media platforms. By giving them quick insider information, you’re strengthening a relationship that will last for years to come making them your loyal customers.

5. Improves Customer Interaction:

A handful of your customers will prefer to communicate through social media; whether it’s a complaint, a compliment, or a comment. By posting regularly, you’re showing your customers that you are active and ready to help. (Make sure you reply personality to these messages!)

Your brand can maintain consistency in the below-mentioned areas:

1. Consistent Voice:

Voice or audio messages are really gaining momentum in the social media marketing field. For a brand push, you need to be consistent in the voice messages and the tone you talk to your audience. It is ideal to study your audience demographics like age, gender, geographical location, etc, for you to understand which tone will be appreciated.

E.g for a fitness consultant, you may need to have a confident and knowledgeable tone whereas for a baby clothes brand you may want to add a personal yet funny touch to your tone to engage new parents.

If you are consistent in your voice messages online, the customers will recognize your voice just as how they talk to a comfortable friend. This will boost brand connectivity and help you gain more loyal followers.

Knowledge backed with great communication skills is vital to engage your audience. You may know your matter but if you project/deliver it in a non-acceptable manner your knowledge is of no use. You should be consistent in communicating with your audiences and make them feel a part of your brand which will increase their engagement levels.

2. Consistent Content:

When you share your content on social media you need to be specific. You need to know what you are showing and whether is it going to be relatable to the audience. Your content should make your audience feel connected to you and your brand. It is also very essential that you beware of the fake news floating on social media. Before even clicking on the share button, you need to verify the news from the proper source. You can even double-check for it. If your news is true then the audience will start trusting you automatically. This is an optimal opportunity to maintain, expand and gain trust for your brand.

3. Consistent Posting:

You have to be really careful while posting on social media. You should not post the same content multiple times and neither for a short span of time. To maintain a consistent track iDigitize Infotech LLP recommends you create a social media post schedule in advance. By creating a pre-defined schedule, you will keep track of how much content you have posted and when. This will make your posts consistent and help your audience connect with your brand better. Traditionally, it was advised to post your content on a daily basis to maintain audience connectivity but currently, it doesn’t hold true. In fact, if you post daily, it is looked upon to be forced on the audience. Hence, posting at the right time on the right platforms is the key to brand popularity.

4. Consistent Aesthetics:

Millennials are very fast and they do not think twice before ignoring your posts. Hence, design impactful yet simple posts to please the youth’s eyes. By posting too long video posts you are sure to share massive information but does your target audience need that? Give them what they need and see the wonders it gives you.

People want visually appealing things. Make sure your profile is visually appealing with great colour options, photos, posts, etc.

Summing up:

People today look up the internet for solutions to their smallest challenges. Hence you have to design your social media strategy to ensure your brand is visible while a person searches through your industry. Social media service providers consider consistency as important as ink in a pen as it helps you to “be found” as opposed to finding people.

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