Let’s Talk About The Scam In AI-World: Devin AI

May 30, 2024

Let’s Talk About The Scam In AI-World: Devin AI

AI has grabbed a lot of attention in today’s world making our lives easier. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, as its name says, it stimulates human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems. AI aims to create systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, language translation and more with the help of data available. Usually, AI is trained by humans to do such tasks. Generative AI is widely used in many fields today to automate complex tasks.

While AI is and will remain the talk of the town, Devin AI came out not only as mind-blowing but also as job-threatening in the history of AI creation. They claimed some of the unrealistic facts that got the eyes rolling on them throughout the internet that it can perform all the complex tasks just like an Engineer. When such news articles flood the internet made people question the real existence of AI in our daily lives. However, it turned out to be a scam after certain social media influencers unwrapped the truth. 

Let’s start with Why “Devin AI” was a famous topic

All over the internet, there was only one question, “Will Devin AI take the job of Software Engineer?”, They claimed to be the revolutionary AI in history by claiming the facts that it has the capability of understanding complex instructions, writing code, fixing errors, and estimating project durations. The capability of AI was unimaginable which made people question the creation and future of Devin AI. These claims grabbed maximum attention on the internet through different mediums of internet. But after the scam came out, the Question changed from “Is Devin AI a matured AI creation?” to “Were fake claims made for attention or monetary returns?”.

How did Devin's AI Scam Came Out?

The scam was brought to notice, by various social media platform influencers. They brought to our notice that the tasks were cherry-picked to show that this AI system can solve complex problems just like a human engineer. They broke the myth that this system can efficiently perform complex tasks like creating software from scratch, fixing some errors, etc. Diving further deep into this AI system, it also came to our attention that Devin AI is less relevant compared to other tools like GitHub Copilot or GPT-3, it doesn’t perform any special feature.

The Controversy

Devin AI the scam has been the most controversial topic of April 2024 in the field of AI. Controversy is between the fact that “Is it really a scam?” or “It just doesn’t meet the expectation of its users?” Here providing you with one more point of view, according to the research official page of Devin AI, it promises tasks that it cannot perform in reality. It has also misled people by testing it on cherry-picked products and raising their expectations. It solved complex problems, but only for specific products. When tested on other products, it didn’t meet the expectations that were claimed. The debate is still ON! Is Devin AI a scam or just doesn’t meet user expectations?

Human V/S AI

Will AI replace humans? A question that many technical people want an answer to. Well, the answer is straight forward “NO”. AI cannot replace humans. AI is created to make the tasks of humans easier rather than doing it traditionally. Yes, AI is growing and achieving a good amount of recognition but, AI needs to mature with relevant and quantity data systems. Humans are the only living beings alive who can train an AI to reach its optimal performance.

Ever thought of this, What if one AI makes another AI? That’s not possible until a human commands an AI to do so. AI works on commands given to it or the way it is programmed, it does not perform any task by itself. An Engineer bags home a heavy salary due to his/her ability to solve problems and not just for their technical coding skills. It’s vital to understand that AI can provide you with codes for once but, it cannot build logic for you.

"Trust", is one of the big factors that will not let AI replace Humans. One human can trust another human rather than trusting a programmed AI, it’s human nature. Here, at iDigitize, a renowned digital marketing company in Mumbai, we embrace AI tools with a thick line of human expertise. Here, you can trust us for timely online marketing services that are result-driven and aligned with your business goals.    


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