The Need For Both SEO & SMM In Digital Marketing Success

Mar 12, 2020

The Need For Both SEO & SMM In Digital Marketing Success

There is no defined relationship between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, but there surely is some correlation between them. There is a very thin line of difference between digital marketing mediums which makes it hard to distinguish where one ends and where the next digital marketing medium commences. Today we are going to discuss the result equation for social media marketing, whether it causes a higher SEO ranking, or the other way round does ranking correlate to a strong marketing presence including social media. 

Correlation Between Social Signals and Website Traffic:

Do you think social media likes, shares, retweets are important for Google? Earlier it wasn’t, today it is fairly impacting Google rankings. Let’s understand how. Did you know, Social signals are original links? E.g. When someone tweets and adds your article link to it, they create a link in their feed. And to add to this, if someone retweets it, that bags you one more link. Therefore, we can conclude that social signals are a sign of activity, movement and hence the brand/page is alive. Now you must be wondering how is this effecting google ranking? As we all know that social media has become an integral part of our lives that for every blogger or brand page, there are a minimum hundred social media users attached to them. These users actively follow, like, share and comment through their profiles making the page full of life. These continuous activities impact website page clicks and keeps the traffic on the website active. Isn’t it suspicious if we tell you a website gathers a lot of traffic without social signals? You must be wondering the brand is either too famous where they require no teasing. Is that possible with the amount of competition we face today? Be it between products, price or even people. In this kind of situation, Google finds the website suspicious and alerts its manual reviews to investigate the website page rank allotted. These manual reviewers visit the website content to check backlink profiles for any SEO malpractices. If they catch your website getting traffic with no social signs they will dig deeper and your webpage ranking is in for trouble. On the other hand, if they figure out your site gets links and social signals, your website is no more suspicious which will not hamper your SEO ranking.

Correlation Between Social Media Marketing and Backlinking:

The ultimate bliss of social media marketing is receiving organic backlinks. If you think that more the number of backlinks gets you closer to ranking well on Google, you are wrong. Google is not as dumb as you think. Its bots can now investigate backlinks not just quantitatively but also qualitatively. So, if you run your social media campaigns effectively, backlinks will come. Try it to believe it. Let us understand this relationship in a more practical way with an example. If you are a Digital Marketing Agency and post a blog on Digital Marketing trends, and you posted it on Facebook. For instance, that post gets on a total of 30 shares. This being a trending topic, someone, from some part of the world would like to rewrite this article picking reference from your URL. As your URL is mentioned on their blog site or business site you get a backlink. The greater news here is, if that blog is further shared, your backlink is like fevistick and travels with it too. The more initial URL inclusions you bag, the more chances of it multiplying for you.

Correlation Between Social Media Visibility and SEO Ranking:

Consider this as an example, when you type Amazon India on google, what do you think will come in the 1st five results? 1st the (the online shopping website), then probably the brand’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So from this instance, we can say that for any brand-specific search, the brand website followed by its social media pages shall appear. We recommend you take advantage of this. You must realize your social media profile pages on social media are vital. You are in control of what you do with it, we say keep it alive and happening with engaging and timely posts.


Long Story Short:

Social media does impact your SEO rankings and ignoring this fact will fail your digital marketing strategy. You must focus on seamlessly blending Social Media Marketing strategies with SEO strategies by creating unique and authentic content that will impress the search engines for good. 



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