6 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Watch Out For In 2022

Oct 26, 2022

6 Digital Marketing Trends You Must Watch Out For In 2022

The pandemic not only affected working styles but also hit many businesses at large. Almost the entire world was looking out for digital solutions which can work as a virtual salesman around the clock.
While we embrace Digital solutions for various businesses, digital experts need to stay up-to-date with rapidly volatile digital trends.


Let’s look at some digital marketing trends you cannot escape from in 2022:

1. Escalated use of Chabot’s:

Online shopping has taken a surge not only during the pandemic but also after it. People expect even home groceries to reach them at their doorstep with just a few clicks. Due to this 360-degree transition from retail shopping to online shopping, many retail shops and outlets have got a hit. Due to the high demand for instant communication while purchasing items online a chatbot system comes in handy. A chatbot is chosen over many other digital communication mediums because of its better functioning, better experience and looks real. Furthermore, it can also incorporate advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and much more making it look and feel more humanish.

2. Conversational query management:

The new generation customer is looking for quality services and is willing to pay a premium fee for the same. Superior customer experience is all that matters in any business. This can be achieved by none other than “Conversational Commerce”.
Often Conversational Commerce is considered to be as chat commerce as it uses various robust messaging and communication platforms to promote the product and communicate with the customers in a more convenient and personal manner. It is a global observation that young customers prefer messaging apps over a call. Conversational commerce hence helps you to leverage this trend for higher customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced use of Voice Search:

Traditionally, people enjoyed typing as it was a new concept that is now losing its charm due to the innovation of voice search. It is evident that though they have used technical devices earlier, they all prefer voice messaging over typing. They want to avoid typing a long question on a google search bar when you can talk it out. This brilliant feature is widely used on devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops.
The Voice search feature is often utilized for local searching like Pharmacy near me or Veg restaurants near me. Not only making search easy for customers but also gives a boost to many businesses making them easily locatable.

4. Targeted Digital Marketing:

Various social media platforms offer services like paid promotions to a specific targeted audience set.
E.g: If you are a manufacturer of infant clothes you may want your ads to reach new moms, probably to moms and dads who have lately checked in to a nursing home. Targeted digital marketing has not only utilized the platform’s audience data but also allows you to grow your business in front of the right audience making sales conversion ratios higher.

5. The Metaverse Boom:

The Metaverse is considered to be the world’s new digital future. It is a divergent world of 3D where people can create avatars that create an environment of their choice.
Due to the boom in Metaverse technology, people are moving away from reality, blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds. People prefer to see and think virtually.
E.g: They all want to see, shop and buy everything virtually.

6. SEO is the new digital advertising model:

In 2021, Google came up with a significant page experience. This inculcated core web browsing etiquette which was earlier referred to as page experience. It measures through various user experience criteria how user-friendly a web page is, website and page loading speed, its visual representation and content. This feature makes on-the-go mobile browsing easier and also safe.


Summing up:

After going through all the 6 Digital Marketing trends it is clear that digital marketing will never stop on the other hand will enlarge due to technology and customer demands. As a Digital Marketing service provider, we believe in staying updated with the latest technology and delivering sustainable yet qualitative web services. You may also want to read about 2022 Social Media trends.

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