How Google Chat Bridges Communication Gaps

May 10, 2024

How Google Chat Bridges Communication Gaps

Google never fails to surprise their users with jaw-dropping software updates and integrations. Google comes back with a surprise but this time in the Business Environment! Aren’t you curious what’s the surprise about? Breaking the ice, Google at the Cloud Next 2023 event announced that they will allow Google chat users to chat with other workspace platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Questions related to Google Chat are answered below:

Why is this collaboration a big deal? 
This tech news has taken the market by storm as it allows cross-platform real-time communication and collaboration which enables interoperability to the people with a simple Google subscription, Mio. Mio is not a separate chat platform, but rather an integration for your existing Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom Chat applications. Organizations will need to install the Mio app onto their respective chat platforms in order to enable cross-platform communications provided by Google Chat. Mio is the only fully Native platform to date as it allows users to stay on the platform and connect with other’s on several different platforms without learning how to use another platform.

What are the key takeaways of this integration?
Key takeaways of this integration are that it saves time for users by integrating everything within one single platform, instead of switching between apps, which not only enhances productivity but boosts efficiency at the workplace. Picture this: You're working on a project with your team, and some carry out business operations through Microsoft Teams while others rely on Slack. Communication shouldn't be a limitation whilst we all work towards one organisational goal.  This is where Google Chat comes in as the hero; breaking down barriers and encouraging collaboration across various other business platforms.

How is it beneficial to Frontline workers? 
Surely you didn't know, 77% of the Frontline workers deal with clients remotely. For, them it’s a great platform as they can remotely connect with people on a single platform. Jake Bailey, Chief Commercial Officer of Mio, states that “The adoption curve for most frontline workers is almost non-existent and makes for faster adoption”. By this, it can be said that Google Chat makes it easier for frontline workers to get a digital identity.
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How does this technology work? 
Google Chat uses different API’s (Application Programming Interface) to connect between different platforms, allowing data to flow freely over the internet without any disruption.  It allows us to bridge the gap between Microsoft Teams and Slack.  API here are trusted because, Mio works directly with Google to build the APIs that relay information from platform to platform, for a secure and frictionless end-user experience.
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Usage of Google Chat has increased after this collaboration as it gives several benefits to the user like enhanced productivity, access to a larger user base, increased collaboration opportunities, etc. 

Summing Up:

Collaborate to upgrade. Google Chat has upgraded its product efficiency by collaborating with other platforms for a seamless flow of communication within an organisation. With this said, the organisational flow of information is sure to mature and contribute to company goals. A renowned digital marketing agency in Mumbai, iDigitize Infotech LLP, takes inspiration and delivers seamless development and social media projects to varied industry professionals.  Here our internal teams work in collaboration to ensure a smooth and timely project delivery. 


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