HR Automation : Need of the hour

Jan 12, 2023

HR Automation : Need of the hour

With the growing need for heavy automation in the corporate arena, not only the administration department but also the Human Resource department is looking at easy yet efficient software to work to support their vertical to add more holistic value to the organisation’s growth.

Automation is nothing but a process of enhancing the efficiency of any given department by empowering your department to spend more time and effort on complex valuable departmental tasks. By investing in an HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) you can offload employees from repetitive HR activities and achieve quick analytics which also aids you to identify timely gaps for immediate corrective action.


HR verticals that can be automated:

An HR department would mainly have the following verticals: Recruitment, Training and development, compensation and benefit, and performance management.

1. Recruitment:

Traditionally, the recruitment team would keep a manual record of CVs and their status. With the help of an HRMS in place an organisation can have a CV/resume repository along with detailed time-stamped information against each CV.

2. Training and development:

With a boom in online training modules, the training and development departments have been focusing more on training evaluation. You think of it and it can be done in this high-tech world has been a great win-win scenario for training evaluation. Imagine how delightful it would be if all you had to do is evaluate a training’s effectiveness by the press of a button.

3. Compensation and benefits:

With automation in the compensation and benefits vertical, you can explore various possibilities with regard to elements of a salary like gross, net, professional tax, e-PPF, etc which can be customised as per your employee strength mechanics.

4. Employee life-cycle management:

Linked to compensation and benefits, tracking each employee’s leaves, holidays and half days manually is a tedious task. Let the magic of technology ease your manual efforts and allow its automation tools to aid you to do employee management tasks efficiently and error-free.


Some Ravishing Benefits of a holistic HRMS

The most vital reason to invest in HR automation is to liberate the HR team from tedious and time-consuming work. An HR automation software can not only enhance security but also encourages a higher rate of efficiency. Additionally, it eliminates the human error tendency as all the elements required to run the software on your employee base are pre-defined.

1. Less Waste

Traditionally, the HR department consumed high volumes of paper and time. Each task when done manually compared to online through an automation solution could save you a fortune. Encouraging scanty waste of paper and reduction in the manual workforce, an HRMS can aid you to invest time in more valuable HR tasks.

2. Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Be it recruitment or salary or even training and development, an HRMS allows you to look through pre-dated data enabling you to make informed yet smart decisions that are backed with relevant substantial data. This gives you a holistic view of any challenge which can be utilized for future purposes and decisions.

3. Transparency & Security: 

With the invention of technological advancement, now you can assure the transparency and security of your data. No fear of losing policy documents, and no fear of data leaks with a robust HRMS where each management level can be given customised/individualised access to data on the software. Keeping a window to edit the data you have entered into the system, helps the system to be up-to-date.

4. Boosts productivity and optimal resource allocation:

By automating simple logical HR verticals/tasks, employees can put to more productive and valuable jobs. If software can manage simple and time-consuming tasks for you, then you can dedicate quality time to complex tasks that need attention.


Why is HRMS gaining importance?

With each organisation aiming to lower annual costs and boost annual revenue, an HRMS comes in handy. HRMS today not only acts like a 24/7 employee management tool for your organisation but also eases the manual pressures it previously had.

Additionally, an HRMS makes it easy for you to track each vertical and help you correlate or connect with each other to aid you to reach the organisational goals collectively. Connect with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, and tun all your tech wishes into reality.

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