Instagram Features in 2023 That Will Leave You Stunned!

Mar 02, 2023

Instagram Features in 2023 That Will Leave You Stunned!

Instagram has never and will never stop to surprise its users. While the world is on a slowdown in business, it’s really fascinating to see Instagram grow and develop its new features keeping its user interests in mind. 


Being mindful of personal profile users and business profile users, here is a brief list of app features you can experience in 2023.

1. Navigation bar under one roof:
This a very user-friendly update feature where users can create posts, reels, and stories all under 1 button. This button is estimated to be placed where the reels button was originally placed. The next question that comes to your mind is, “Where will the reels button go?” It’s just shifting its place to the right of the bar where the Instagram shop button was there. Users who wish to shop via Instagram can easily shop through Discover or other channels and pages on Instagram.

2. Launches music in the feed:
Earlier Instagram only allowed a few seconds of music in the user stories and reels section. Now, Instagram will allow 90 seconds music feed for all users. This thoughtful update was only possible because Instagram believes that music/audio clips are the biggest part of their app which is utilized often by its videos.

3. Schedule posts and Reels:
Instagram is evaluating an in-app scheduling feature that will give the user the flexibility to schedule posts at their convenient time. Earlier, the users were scheduling their Instagram posts, reels and stories from a third-party app which is adding clutter to your app list. Giving you in-house access to schedule on the app itself is sure to ease many users.

4. Testing multiple links in the bio:
Instagram pursues to test the alternative to adding more than one link in the bio section of a profile. But sooner, with this change in the app, the users will be able to put various links in their bio. This characteristic will benefit the shops and small businesses on Instagram.

5. Bringing back the profile song:
Get ready to Dance! Instagram is restoring its feature of profile songs. The users can once again add songs to their profiles. This feature was also available earlier but was brought down due to their own valid reasons. Now, they intend to bring the vigour back with a bang in 2023.

6. Evaluating the re-post feature:
The re-posting feature is the most talked about feature that is acquired by Twitter. Now, Instagram is also testing and experimenting with launching a re-post aspect on Instagram. Reposting, or sharing others’ content with your followers, may soon be available for your Instagram feed.

7. No more shopping tab:
Instagram plans to discontinue its shop tab as the business desires to focus more on its ad revenue as compared to shopping commissions. This might tremendously affect the users who have been acquainted with Instagram shopping.

8. Organizing Reel content:
With the massive utility of Instagram reels, at the moment Instagram has a huge database of video content that is not well organized from a viewer’s point of few. Due to this, they attempt to re-arrange or organize reel/video content on the app. They are testing the “Topic” tags to their Reels when a user uploads a view. This not only helps the uploader to identify a bucket for their reels but also helps a person interested in the bucket to browse through relevant content.

9. Introducing Badges For Influencers:
This is new feature is sure to help viewers set apart the good from great influencers online helping buyers to make more prompt and thoughtful buying decisions. Instagram plans to do this by setting a monetary scheme for its influencers. They will be able to add badges to their live videos. Through this feature, the followers of the particular content creators can buy the badges directly from them and show their support to them.

10. Encouraging Collaboration:
In your video or post content Instagram has launched a collaboration tab where you can link another Instagram account and work in collaboration. With this added feature a user can upload their posts and reels collaboratively with anyone they want. It is a great opportunity for the content creators to send an invite to other users to make collaborative videos with them. This feature will also have common likes and comments options on the posts which will help many content creators.


Key Takeaway:

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms which keeps itself updated with all the new trends and techniques. Creating a holistic pleasant social media experience for its users, Instagram will never stop to surprise you. 

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