Did You Know? An Indian Consumes Approximately 11GB Data Per Month

Feb 28, 2020

Did You Know? An Indian Consumes Approximately 11GB Data Per Month

Telecom equipment maker Nokia mentioned that Data consumption in India, per month, per person, shall create a data revolutionary report. No sooner in December 2019, Nokia India Chief Marketing Officer Amit Marwah told the reporters, the average monthly data usage per user surpassed 11GB. How do you think this data consumption revolution happened? Let’s look at the 4 major reasons for this.

1. Increase awareness of 4G:
Telecom service providers in India penetrated the market with 4G data plans with a high thrust on 4G network awareness advertising campaigns. 4G is now dominating overall data tariff services in India and hence 3G network subscriptions have taken a back seat. According to the Mobile Broadband India Traffic (Mbit) Index formulated by Nokia, 3G data traffic registered its highest-ever decline of 30% in 2019. The number of 4G data subscribers in the country in 2019 is approximately 598 million, while that of 3G was at about 44 million.

2. Low data prices:
Data prices in India are among the lowest in the world at about Rs.7 per GB. 1 GB data usually lets users stream about 200 songs or watch an hour of video. The amount of data consumed goes up depending on the quality of the content being streamed (standard-definition (SD), high-definition (HD) or Ultra HD. Video consumption in the country has been on the rise with initiation in the number of over-the-top (OTT) platforms (like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other regional content platforms). The average time spent on OTT platforms in India is about 70 minutes a day and an average single session lasts for about 40 minutes. These new market players are now embracing aggressive distribution and pricing strategies to boost their respective subscriptions.

3. Affordable smartphones:
The report noted that the sale of 4G handset devices in India grew by 1.5 times by achieving the sale of 501 million units in 2019 from 330 million in 2018. The number of Voice over LTE (VoLTE)-enabled smartphones grew to 432 million. The Indian telecom equipment companies will have to pull up their sooks as Chinese mobile handset brands have gripped the Indian market with low cost and high featured devices. Indian companies will have to utilize new technology and opportunities to address this market threat.

4. The ever-increasing popularity of videos:
Video streaming has become the favorite medium of entertainment which has led to this revolution in Data consumption in India. Not only as a medium of entertainment but also immense opportunities for advertising in the form of videos has now opened its gates.

Data consumption in India is probably the highest globally, leaving behind markets like China, the US, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Spain. Because of these facts about massive internet consumption In India, Online Marketing has gained tremendous demand which most companies are leveraging. Have you?


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