LinkedIn: Watch out for these 7 upcoming updates in 2023

Apr 10, 2023

LinkedIn: Watch out for these 7 upcoming updates in 2023

We all know what LinkedIn is and how it has transformed professional spaces. Being an ideal platform to search for research papers and information. With its efficient candidate sourcing features it is gaining greater popularity. In no time we will hear that LinkedIn has surpassed many candidate and job posting websites. LinkedIn is a predominant site for any business-related information and also for any person looking for employment.


There are several features already proving beneficial for its users. LinkedIn is expected to roll out some fruitful features to benefit its users.

1. Auto Captioning:

Captions are the most crucial part of any video or photo that anyone uploads. It takes a toll on us to think of an accurate caption for it. LinkedIn is attempting to leverage AI and introduce a feature to ease its users where it will suggest automatic captions related to the photos or videos they are posting. To start with, they plan to roll out this brilliant AI-based feature in the English Language.

2. Standard Hiring Job Titles:

LinkedIn has been and will always be the most ideal website for a job posting and candidate sourcing. Adding a feather to the cap, LinkedIn has given more opportunities with simpler and easy ways for organizations to reach the right candidate. The USP here is candidates who are searching for open jobs under the accessibility option, will be prompted with a list of related job vacancies. The candidates are then free to apply to jobs that interest them.

3. Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager:

This feature is very helpful for visually impaired candidates who visit LinkedIn. When you post your ad on the platform, with the help of a campaign manager you can advertise with alternative text descriptions which will allow visually impaired people to also understand and value the ads displayed on the platform.

4. “Open to” Tab:

Searching for a job in this competitive world is not an easy job. It not only eats away your time but also is a tiring job. LinkedIn has recently come up with the “open to” tab where recruiters as well as job seekers can mention if they are hiring at the moment or open to working currently respectively. This tab has made it easy for both recruiters and candidates to reach each other seamlessly.

5. B2B Product/Service Search:

LinkedIn has initiated a new feature where companies can list their services and products that are useful for people. LinkedIn viewers can go through the products and even purchase them if they are interested. To make it a customizable yet smooth experience LinkedIn might come out with a categorical list of products that will be easier to search by prospectus clients.

6. Post Scheduling:

Even Instagram and Facebook have recently added this feature to their bucket, Hence LinkedIn will not take a back seat. Due to the request and requirements of many businesses, LinkedIn is all set to introduce a feature where they can schedule their posts. They can schedule their post and leave them in advance so it is easy for them to work on something else. The “schedule” button will be just beside the “post” button. Whenever you want to post your content, just press on schedule, select the appropriate day and time and your post is ready for upload on that day and time.

7. LinkedIn Paid Ads and Analytical Reports:

With growing competition, LinkedIn plans to monetize on in app advertising. In order to attract the right target audience for sale/business growth LinkedIn has already rolled out advertising feature but intends to introduce creator analytic dashboard. This will help your company to track your customers and their data. Additionally, these analytical reports can help you take calculated decisions for the future.


Summing up:

With a recent UI shift, LinkedIn caters to satisfying the job needs of the current youth. The above-mentioned features are a great way to keep its users engaged and longing for more. User experience being the optimal goal for LinkedIn, they are sure to come out with more brilliant AI and features to ease us and you.

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