Microsoft 365 V/S G Suite

Dec 19, 2020

Microsoft 365 V/S G Suite

Microsoft and Google both are a part of the one-on-one battle to supersede one another with their unique cloud-based productivity software and suits. This blog shall give you clarity on the various editions of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (since Oct 2020) which was formerly known as G Suite, along with a head-on price plan comparison.

To start with, both Microsoft and Google are capable enough to be your one-stop solution shop in order to boost business productivity. Below in this blog, we will unleash their price plan offerings and you will be surprised to know Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace both will tick off all the critical requirements.  


These are some features in common:

1. Both include custom domain attachments like business emails and shared calendaring services.
2. Both these brands not only offer Online storage services(Cloud Storage) but also have a dedicated shared space for collaboration. Additionally, they have provision for a large allotment of personal storage space for each account holder.
3. Various productivity applications like creating, editing, downloading multiple format files and most importantly collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations which is the current need of the hour.
4. In the current scenario organizations are looking for ease in communication. Hence, Corporate communication tools: messaging, online meetings, and video conferencing are integrated into each of the business suits.
5. Security features like two-factor authentication are also included. Adding to that, they both include a management interface system, with additional features like compliance and archiving for enterprise customers.

These two companies dominate the market for enterprise productivity software. The cherry on the cake is that both these service providers are based on a robust and reliable cloud infrastructure with data centers worldwide making data accessible anywhere and any time.

Despite many similar features, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have noticeable different approaches in terms of cloud architecture and application design. For most of you, the choice boils down to which of those approaches fits best with an installed base of hardware. Let’s look at this in detail.

1. The main approach Microsoft builds on its worldwide famous franchise known as Office 365 which was changed earlier this year to Microsoft 365. Along with desktop applications that come with Click-to-Run packages which get updated automatically. They also provide various backend services like Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams, which offers easy migration for companies ready to move their working servers to the cloud. These applications can be used by employees using various applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, either as desktop applications or web-based alternatives.
2. Google on other hand has a different approach where they are cloud-native and browser-centric. The web-based services provided by the company is similar to tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets that are familiar with most of the employees. They also provide offline support application storage of email and documents when used with Google Chrome’s browser.
3. Services offered by both companies include web-based management consoles that have been made for mid-sized and large businesses. These tools can be a little scary for small scale businesses who don’t have an IT department functional full time. In such cases, collaborating with a reseller who is certified as a Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace specialist would be an effective option to start with.


Summing up:

At iDigitize Infotech LLP we offer Microsoft 365 office suites for your corporate or personal requirement. Additionally, we impart training on various apps of Microsoft 365 where we unleashing their optimal potentials for the benefit of your team.

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