PPC Advertising and its Impressive Benefits

Nov 08, 2022

PPC Advertising and its Impressive Benefits

What does PPC stand for?

PPC is Pay-Per-Click Advertising where an advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on the advertisement online. Once the ad is clicked the advertiser decides where the audience must be guided to, either the website landline page or the app store for a download. This kind of advertising ensures targeted visits to your end goal giving you quality leads for your business.

Astonishing facts about PPC:

1. PPC advertising is also widely known as Google AdWords.

2. You can literally run a PPC campaign of different shapes and sizes. You can use a healthy amalgamation of text, graphics or even a video. 

3. PPC advertisements reach social media platforms, websites, and search engine results.

4. Search engine advertising is a form of PPC advertising where an advertiser can bid for their business keywords to stay on top of the search engine. 

How does PPC work?

Every platform has a different user experience and has a different way an ad will be displayed but the process to start a PPC ad campaign remains the same as below:

1. Choose your campaign type based on your company objectives.

2. Set your targeted audience. Additionally, you can also drill down deeper to devices, locations, timing etc.

3. Set your campaign budgets and bidding strategy.

4. Add your destination URL (landing page/app download link).

5. Start your PPC ad campaign.


Top 6 impressive PPC advertising benefits:

1. Cost-effective Advertising: Pay-per-click advertising campaigns empower you to have ultimate control over your advertising budgets. Additionally, it allows you to control nitty-gritty like your targeted audience set and ad placements. Once your Google AdWords campaign commences and is optimized you’re sure to get some quick desired results.
With our PPC advertising services, you’ll only pay for clicks and never for ad impressions or reach with a fully controllable budget.

2. Expect Instant traffic: As a fact, organic marketing efforts are channelised towards getting your website pages on the first page of a Google search whereas, PPC advertising placements are already present – hence we recommend you take advantage of this and allow your business to grow. Also, organically trying to rank 1 for your business keywords is a gradual process. At times you need that instant boost to your business that’s when PPC advertising comes to your rescue.

3. Generates positive ROI: PPC Advertising is easy to measure and hence alterable. We as a digital marketing service provider believe in trying out different strategies and plans until we reach what’s best for your business.

4. PPC advertising is independent of algorithm changes: Content marketing and SEO results get highly affected by an algorithm change. Therefore, a PPC ad campaign not only offers more stability but also ensures sustainable results. Due to the independent nature of a Google AdWords campaign, you can easily derive future campaign results from current ad performance. 

5. Offers In-depth target audience options: A PPC ad campaign uses an audience matrix like age, location, and interest allowing you to target your particular audience set locally and globally as per the need of the business.

6. Robust campaign analytics: Even better, as you experiment with which strategy fits your business needs and goals in a PPC campaign, you’ll be able to see what kind of users respond to your campaigns. Additionally, which platforms they use is also captured. This helps you judge which platforms you need to optimise for the best results.
For example, if you’re selling baby clothes you might infer that you’re getting more clicks from not only young parents but also grandparents through Instagram advertising. So you know where to put your money.


Summing up:

Once your Google AdWords campaign is live, Questions like where and when your ad appears, and how much cost you incur for a single click will all be analysed on the bases of your budget, bid, campaign settings, and the quality of your ad. 

PPC advertising has proven to be not only reliable but also a profitable medium of advertising for many B2B’s, B2C’s, nonprofit organisations, and other companies seeking swift and qualitative leads. Considering all the above benefits PPC? Google AdWords offers a low-risk factor and hence we recommend you check it out.


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