“Shot on iPhone” : A campaign by Apple that turned into a prodigy

Feb 21, 2023

“Shot on iPhone” : A campaign by Apple that turned into a prodigy

Companies and brands are often seeking advanced techniques to standout out on digital platforms. For instance, how to set precise targets, put a strategic plan into practice, and evaluate a social media campaign on various social media websites.

An effective social media marketing approach improves brand recognition, connects communities, and promotes a beneficial service or product. A social campaign by iPhone that surpassed expectations and hit the market by storm was the “shot on iPhone” campaign.


Now let us examine Apple’s #ShotoniPhone Campaign in more depth, which had captivated the interest of clients across the globe.

According to Myhren, Vice president of Apple, “Shot on iPhone” was “a ridiculously simple idea based on actions we were observing with people publishing their images and hashtagging them in diverse ways.” Apple has a penchant for billboards, the executive added. “Our utmost passion is being outside.”

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The “Shot on iPhone” prodigy has completely taken over Apple’s Instagram. The campaign, which aimed to highlight the iPhone 6’s enhanced camera, was announced in March 2015, six months after the device had been released. Images from 77 users in 25 countries and 73 cities were used during the initial launch. The participants were urged to share their uniquely clicked photos using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone in a huge competition. Apple-approved images were exhibited on more than 10,000 billboards across the world and displayed via media outlets with credits to the owner.

Apple highlighted content produced by celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez’s music videos, in addition to pictures captured by regular iPhone users. This allowed Apple to expand the campaign beyond billboards.

Just on Instagram, there have been approximately 27.3 million mentions of this campaign. Although it began with modest billboards, the campaign continues to be used since it got numerous accolades and had a significant impression on the media.

In January 2022, Apple launched yet another flagship photography campaign where iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max owners could click macro-leveled photos which would be judged by award winning photographer, mumbai-based Apeksha Maker.


Why “Shot On iPhone” Campaign was a huge success?

1. A User-Generated Community

By establishing this campaign and emphasizing user-generated content, Apple formed a user community that collaborates. Beyond simply capturing a picture was required. Users felt that they had become a part of the company and were assisting in its accomplishment when they observed their photos or videos go live on Apple’s social media handles. Users and the company essentially worked hand-in-hand to attain one goal. This sense of belongingness resulted in a remarkable 90% brand retention.

2. Authenticity

In a world where Photoshop, retouching, and editing are all popular photo editing software’s available online, Apple proved that simple and original can gain more attraction. Just not that, very recently there was a film that was shot on iPhone 14 pro proving how efficiently motion videos can be created with your iPhone device. It was concise, direct, and cleverly progressed from statics to videos.

3. Brand Personality

The campaign’s core tenets, “Vision, Liberty, Creation, Desire, Goals, Hopes,” reflect Apple’s brand personality and image.

Not only were the commercials shot on an iPhone, but they also portray iPhone users as cosmopolitan, creative, adventurous, living out their ambitions, and appreciating art and the natural world around them. This was a perfect connection bond between the brand and the youth which got nurtured with this marvelous campaign.



The “Shot on iPhone” social media marketing campaign was a breakthrough only because the owners leveraged customer behavior and made it a sensation. The “Shot on iPhone” advertising campaign by Apple fostered user interaction, brand community building, accessibility, authenticity, and most importantly creativity making it a noteworthy campaign worldwide.

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