Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

Nov 16, 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

Social Media has become the topmost priority for not only personal use like updating daily chores at home but also business-related posts. Each and every task is now encouraged on social media platforms. So how would you make your business stand out from your competitors? It is hence very vital to stay up to date and be aware of recent social media trends to keep your audience entertained yet informed. 


Here are some of the top 7 social media trends in 2022

1. Video Content will Continue to Dominate:

Videos have been and will remain one of the best ways to keep your audience set happy. Research shows that around 82% of social media users watch videos daily. Additionally, this implies that people are looking for video content and solutions. Longer duration videos are losing their charm and short and crisp videos are preferred. Alternatively, alongside video marketing, live streaming has become a convenient option for many businesses. Live streaming not only helps in demonstrating your business/products live to your consumers but also acts as a promotional campaign to boost brand awareness.

2. Social Commerce will Continue to Expand:

In very recent years, social media came up with a new and beneficial feature of allowing people to sell their products on them. With the internet world not only getting stronger but also a vital part of our lifestyle everything is moving online. Social media commerce gives sellers a unique design to sell their products legally on various social media platforms.


3. Augmented Reality Will Rule:

A gigantic leap to boost the online shopping experience is the invention of augmented reality. Two noteworthy emerging techniques in the digital spectrum are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Both soon to rule the world, Virtual reality is still at its nascent stage as it has just been recognized and widely adopted by many businesses today. Augmented reality on the other hand has been accepted and is in use globally. In order to give a great user experience in the online shopping domain digital experts are leveraging augmented reality. It is already being utilized by some of the popular social media platforms for photo editing and alterations. It is not only used for photos but also through this technology, people can try out things that they will like to purchase in future from online platforms.

4. Influencer Marketing Continues to Gain Momentum:

Influencers are ruling social media platforms. Due to their immense number of followers, business people prefer to promote their brand in collaboration with these popular influencers which will cost them much cheaper than other advertising methods. 

5. Customer Service Will Become a Big Part of Social Media:

Social Media Marketing has been leveraging Customer Service as a domain advisable by every business that is on the web as customers have realized that they can directly contact the company. Customers ask questions or raise a complaint on these company platforms and get a quick and instant solution. Chatbots are one of the famous Customer Service features which help in speedy replies to customers. 

6. Local Targeting Will Expand:

To reach local and hence target the right set of audiences social media gives you the leverage to micro-target making it a win-win for both advertisers and social media platforms. The newest terminology called often used to track down consumers sitting anywhere.

7. Social Audios Will Gain Popularity:

Audio on social media is a new concept that has been liked by all its users. It recognizes the human voice and gives its input. Social audio includes live streaming, music, live online meetings, etc. 

Summing up: 

Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives which is inseparable. Due to its high impact on our lives, we seldom leave our homes without breakfast but not without our laptops and mobile phones. 

As we are aware, Digital marketing trends in 2022 are ever-evolving and will boost the future for good we are in for a highly technology-driven world.

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