10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Failed

Feb 24, 2020

10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Failed

Through our previous blog we now know how to create an impactful social media campaign is 5 easy steps, but do we know what we must avoid in order to design effective social media campaigns? In this article, you will get introduced to the top 10 blunders most social media marketing managers make in their careers. Let’s read ahead to understand how we can stay away from failing social media campaigns.

1. Inconsistent posts:
Both over posting and under posting can harm brand value on social media platforms. Imagine a company posting some graphics daily, wouldn’t you feel like the brand is pushing itself in your face?. On the other hand, what if a company posted a graphic once a week? Isn’t it too less? If we asked you about what clothes you wore on Monday on a Sunday, you would have to pause for a while to recollect, right? Similarly, if you were exposed to an electronics brand social media graphic, you would have poor recall value of the brand before you want to purchase an electronic product. At iDigitize, we deliver Social Media Marketing Services with utmost importance to consistency in posts. Ideally, we recommend quality posts going out every alternate day for maximum engagement. Just to keep the consistency ratio positive do not flood your social media page with irrelevant and non-valuable posts. That would do more harm than good.

2. Did not target the right audience:
Before you even venture into the social media marketing war, you must define a target audience. You can start by defining the age, gender, location, interests of people. Imagine a Preschool social media post that is targeted to men above the age of 30 and who are interested in volleyball. Do you think however effective the graphic and the message is, would it get the brand some admissions? No way. Though your end-user/consumer is the baby, but even though who takes the decision? The mother, the father or the grandparents. So, the same graphic if was targetted to young mothers and fathers between the age of 25 to 35 years, in and around Mumbai, would get you more conversions. Defining the right audience will ensure social media campaign success. Do your target audience research well.

3. Did not utilize the right social media platform:
Today, there are a dime a dozen social media platforms a brand can utilize for its social media campaign. Most of the brands make this error and try to reach everywhere with all the social media platforms available. Did you know each social media platform has its demographic stats that can help us prioritize which platform suits your business best? It is simple, whichever platform has similar demographics to your target audience is the key platform to leverage for your social media marketing strategy.
Facebook is a general platform with no key demographics attached. On the other hand, Instagram is a pictorial presentation with the least text and is filled with the youth, aged between 15 years to 40 years. LinkedIn is a professional connection building platform utilized by the education and recruitment industry. Pinterest is a platform for young and creative minds. Dig deep into each social media platform and shortlist 2-3 platforms where you would like your brand to be seen to keep your social media campaign away from failing.

4. Did not communicate brand personality:
They only way a human can connect with a non-living object is through its personality. It is a fact that brands that portray a personality in their social media marketing strategy are more likely to attract more conversions. For example, Woodland shoes have a rugged, rough personality whereas pear soap has a gentle, soft personality. A avoid your campaign from failing, do define a personality that suits your brand and communicate it in your social media posts.

5. Did not use call-to-action text:
Call-to-action means content/text which calls for the next step. These statements act as closures to social media posts. Generally, the call-to-action text is designed keeping in mind the end goal of the campaign. If the goal is to get more likes, you may want to design your call-to-action statement like this, “Like our FB page to know more”. If your goal is to increase website traffic, your text should read something like this, Visit our website for more information or click here to know more. If your campaign lacks call-too-action statements, it is like a gun with no bullets.

6. The campaign was a sales pitch:
Most of the new brands in the market fall prey to this social media limitation. The use and reach of social media are different from a door-to-door sale and hence the content/text on each post must also be different. You do not want people to unlike your brand page because you design a hardcore sales campaign. One thing that most brands miss out today is that people do not buy products, they buy brands. If you haven’t invested efforts and time branding you’re sales numbers are going to be troublesome. Social media marketing allows you to build your brand and not to sell your brand. People who like your brand page on social media platform are looking for some value and information and not what your selling and for what price. Avoid a sales pitch social media campaign to generate brand value.

7. Lacked high-quality content:
Some social media marketers are not providing quality information to their followers or clients via their social media handles. Quality content always attracts quality people. Quantity will only fill your social media page but not your pockets. Emphasis on quality content is the key to a successful social media marketing campaign.

8. Missed integrating other social marketing tools:
Some social media marketers think some posts on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn shall do it all but fail to understand that various social media tools need to be integrated for optimal results. E.g. A social media graphic calls out its viewers to visit the brand’s website. Once the viewers click on the web link, they land on a lousy, sluggishly designed webpage. The viewer also finds it difficult to navigate between the web pages of the brand’s web site. The marketer has to visualize each step post clicking the web link and ensure a smooth process towards the end goal I .e. Conversion. A perfect graphic matched with the perfect landing page on a website that gives relevant and valuable information to ist visitor is more likely to handhold its visitor till conversion.

9. Not being realistic:
Not everyone who likes or visits your website is going to convert into a customer. This is a fact which all social media marketers must absorb before designing a probable result of a campaign. At various stages of a social media campaign, people may lose interest. Likewise, you as a social media marketer need to grab their attention and retain it till they reach closer to conversion.

10. Did not analyze data well:
After each post boosted or launched on social media platforms, you can analyze its success or failure. Through likes, clicks, reach and engagement stats you know which posts worked well and which did not. After analyzing this report you need to disinvest in posts that were not successful and invest in posts that got you the most engagement.

The above 10 reasons if corrected, shall lead you to a result-oriented and effective social media campaign.



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