Social Media Hidden Gems for Digital Marketers

Nov 21, 2023

Social Media Hidden Gems for Digital Marketers

Did you know, in India there are about 470.1 million active social media users (Log in at least once in a month) in 2022.
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I am sure you have a presence on various social media platforms by now, but have you been doing it right? Embarking on a journey through the vibrant landscape of social media strategy, from the artful use of hashtags and crafting compelling bios to framing inclusivity with alt text and embracing the storytelling prowess of carousels.


This blog aims to delve into key elements that elevate online presence and engagement

1. Hashtags:
Unlocking the true potential of social media requires delving into the world of hashtags – those small but mighty symbols that can elevate your content to new heights. Crafting the perfect hashtag strategy involves more than just adding popular tags; it’s about precision, relevance, and strategic thinking.
In the vast landscape of social media, hashtags act as guiding lights, leading your content to the audience that needs it the most.
Tip: Ensure a perfect blend of the following

•Add post-related hashtags, 
•Include industry-specific high-performing keywords, 
•Branding hashtags (if any).


Note: Avoid the peril of banned hashtags, as they can hinder your reach and potentially tarnish your brand image.


2. Profile Bio:
Crafting a compelling profile bio is like creating a digital handshake – it’s often the first impression users have of your online presence. A well-crafted bio not only introduces you or your business but also communicates your personality, values, and expertise in a concise manner.
Some insightful reasons why you must spend quality time designing your profile bio:


•First Impressions Matter
•Quick Overview
•Keyword Optimization Opportunity


3. Alt text:
Unlocking inclusivity on social media involves more than vibrant visuals; it’s about creating an inclusive experience for everyone online. By incorporating alt text to all your static posts be it a single or a carousel post, you are successfully creating an invisible description accessible through screen readers for the visually impaired audience allowing them to engage with their drawbacks.
Tip: Grab this opportunity to describe your post with seamless keyword infusion without over-spamming them. 

4. Carousel:
A carousel on social media is your perfect storytelling toolkit, a dynamic canvas to organize and structure your content in an appealing visual manner. This not only allows you to break down complex information into digestible but also engaging bites. It’s more than just a series of images; it’s a journey, a progression of steps that guides your audience through a narrative.
Tip: Ideally used to demonstrate step-by-step instructions, carousels weave together graphics, videos, and photos seamlessly. 

Comments are the backbone of social media, and the more vibrant the conversation, the farther your outreach extends. Building a community is not just about posting; it also involves actively engaging with others be it within your industry or outside. Commenting on recent posts, especially those related to your niche, creates a sense of camaraderie. Meaningful comments that add value to the discussion resonate more than emojis or gifs.
Tip: Pin your most insightful comments as it can act as a post booster, emphasizing community interaction. 


While strategies like hashtags, carousels, and comments amplify your content in order to attract new audiences to your social media handles, maintaining a happy set of current followers is vital. Keep them engaged with intriguing questions, polls, and quizzes, ensuring a dynamic community that encourages familiarity and fresh interactions.


Polls: Utilizing polls in your stories provides a swift and engaging way for your audience to express preferences or opinions.
Questions: Incorporating questions in your stories prompts meaningful interactions. By inviting your audience to share thoughts, experiences, or insights, you open up a two-way conversation.
Quizzes: Adding quizzes to your stories introduces an element of gamification, turning passive viewers into active participants. Quizzes challenge your audience’s knowledge or preferences, creating a sense of excitement and competition.


Quick Social media hidden gems rundown:

Remember, the social media journey begins with posting. Being the most loved social media service provider in Mumbai, we recommend you regularly check for insights to assess the effectiveness of your graphics and chosen hashtags. Analyze which ones are resonating with your audience and contributing to engagement. Explore the search page to see if your posts rank within those hashtags. Understand what your audience is searching for and adapt your strategy accordingly.

At iDigitize, we believe social media success is an ongoing experiment – embrace, refine, and watch your online presence flourish.



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