All you need to know about Website Traffic

Jan 04, 2023

All you need to know about Website Traffic

Website traffic is measured in visits and is a common way to measure online business effectiveness in attracting audiences. Though the number of visitors to the website is essential, that’s not enough. It is also critical to analyze how long they are on the website and what they purchase from the website.

Furthermore, we also need to calculate how much cost the business will incur if they have to attract new visitors to the website.


Organic Website Traffic V/S Regular Website Traffic

There is no such website that works as a reference to your website. If a person is on your website that means that person has individually come to visit your website. This shows that the website has caught that person’s attention for his/her needs. You just need to type a URL to enter a regular website which is quite easy and manageable. If someone bookmarks the website, it is one of the best things for your website. A returning consumer visiting the website has many possibilities. Regular website traffic is harder to gauge and report on, it’s important to understand what matters most to the company from an analytical mindset.

Another reason for regular website traffic could be security. If a user steers from one website to another with safety, then google cannot trace the URL, which means it’s no longer traceable. On the other hand, organic traffic has a different system and is the goal of every digital marketer. Organic traffic is crucial if user intent, targeted keyword research, and ranking are all incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. Organic traffic statistics inform you if your drive works and offers helpful statistics about your visitors.


What Are the Major Sources of Website Traffic?

1. Organic Traffic

If a person lands on the website only after searching on a search engine platform like google, then these types of visitors are categorized to be a part of organic traffic. The prime focus of digital marketing agencies today is to leverage organic traffic. Content on the website should be simple yet effective to boost current traffic and also harvest future traffic.

2. Direct Traffic:

If a visitor directly types out the website URL i.e. address and enters the website directly is called Direct Traffic. This may also include employee visits too. To avoid creating confusion, filtering out their IP address will be of great help to track genuine new visitors visiting your website.

3. Referrals:

Many visitors visit the website via referrals. If they are on another site and they click on the link of your site which is referred to them that is called a referral visit. It is said that the more websites that give your website the referral, the more real and enhanced your SEO analytics will be.

4. Paid Search:

Paid search is the exact opposite of organic traffic. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a part of paid search. This can be done via google ads and also many other different networks.

5. Email Branding:

E-mail signatures mostly have the website link and the social media handle links which encourage visits to the website and profiles. This not only works as a great way to inform your audience about your existence but also reinforces brand value. Many website visitors get in touch via email.

6. Social Networking Sites:

With the massive use of Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites and the increase in internet utility, you cannot ignore the power of social media marketing. Posting consistently on various social media marketing platforms is enlargeable yet essential.


Why Is Traffic Important For A Business?

Without traffic, a website will be lost in the huge world of the Internet. Hence, traffic for the website is significant. The main purpose is to attract visitors. Just by new content and making the website attractive, visitors are not going to fall for your brand. If this is the case for a long period of time, then the website will be lost and closed and eventually, the business will fail. Only when you top up aesthetics with value-added services or products your website traffic will improve.

You can start to build a new set of audiences from existing loyal customers. People who buy your products or avail of your services often are best to spread the word. Design loyalty programs and referral benefits to benefit both your existing audience as well as your brand.


Top 3 Essential Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Website

1.   Conduct Keyword Analysis:

This process evaluates and examines the specific keywords that people type on search engines and this will streamline a smooth pathway to manage our website traffic well. You can incorporate these industry-specific keywords in your meta titles, descriptions and on-page which will make your website easily found.

2. Make Content that Sticks:

It is not enough to just make any content for the website. If the content is not adding value or giving solutions to readers, it is as worthless as trash in a trash bin. To increase genuine traffic to the website more relevant content should be made available to the visitors which keeps them hooked to the website.

3. Update Social Media Accounts:

The magnitude of attracting visitors to the website through social media is immeasurable. Few tips on how to utilize this is as follows:


•Distribute information throughout your social media platforms (blogs, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos, and so on)
•Interact with your followers by answering, reposting, and tagging their posts.
•Use appropriate hashtags.
•When new content gets released, update your bio’s link to advertise it.


Website traffic plays a vital role in all businesses be it small or large organisations. With great content and value additions, you can expect higher footfalls on the website. We at iDigitize Infotech LLP recommend businesses today unleash the benefits of utilizing social media platforms to boost website traffic.


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